What we do


Currently, we are developing four research projects that are expected to be completed in 2019. The first three are linked to the Federal University of Latin American Integration (UNILA) and the fourth to the University of São Paulo (USP), with funding from the Amparo Foundation Survey of the State of São Paulo (FAPESP). The first project also counts on Argentine researchers from the National University of Rosario (UNR).

  •  The Triple Frontiers of Latin America in the context of International Relations. Coordination: Drª. Heloísa Gimenez and Dr. Marcelino Lisboa. More…
  • The Triple Frontier and the New Issues of International Relations: International Terrorism. Coordination: Dr. Mamadou Alpha Diallo. More…
  • The Triple Frontier and Transnational Crimes. Coordination: Dr. Micael Alvino da Silva. More…
  • The connection between international terrorism and the Triple Frontier during the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama (2001-2016). Coordination: Drª. Isabelle Christine Somma de Castro. More…


We ministered the discipline “Triple Border and International Relations” in the post-graduation in Contemporary International Relations, UNILA. The course is in person and opens 40 vacancies per year, 20 for Brazilians and 20 for other countries in Latin America (https://www.unila.edu.br/ric).

The objective of the discipline is to analyze the international dimensions of the Triple Frontier and how the region connects to the international security agenda and contemporary issues, especially in the context of globalization, weakening of the State and proliferation of transnational crimes.

We train human resources

Titles of works presented in the postgraduate course in Contemporary International Relations directed to the Triple Frontier:

Completed in 2017

  •  Alessandro Luiz Chichoski. Transnational crimes and international police cooperation in the Triple Frontier (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay).
  • Alexandre Barros da Costa. The Brazil-Paraguay relations and transnational crimes in the Triple Frontier: trade and international cooperation
  • Thiago Maycon Sanches Santos. Public Policies and Child Labor on the Triple Border
  • Vanessa Demarchi Peron. International Cooperation and Public Policies: the work of the “GT-Saúde” in the Triple Border

In progress

  • Bruno Henrique Lopes. Contraband and regional development in the Triple Frontier.
  • Caroline Giaretta Ventorin. Money laundering: the “Operação Sustenido” in the Brazilian part of the Triple Frontier
  • Lilian Graciela Gauto González. Air safety and the issue of drones in the space shared by Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina
  • Priscila da Silva Diniz Nunes. Advantages of electronic commerce in Ciudad del Este in relation to the Brazilian market